Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Truth About Crayons

Mandy recently wrote a pretty popular post about crayons.

I think it deserves a little clarification and commentary. So much so that it pulled me out of an accidental semi-retirement.

The first thing to note is that it was a well-timed post. We were running short on coloring utensils. We were down to one shoe box full of markers. This is not including the emergency supply of crayons that our ever-prepared children have artfully hidden under couch cushions, beneath beds, behind curtains, and down HVAC vents. When it all goes down, we'll have our owns stash of hidden crayons.

Another thing to point out is her blatant disregard for the non-photogenic colors. Apparently, if you're black, brown, tan, or white, you're not can-worthy. Most of the peach crayons got the boot too, though a few managed to sneak into the nice orange can.

Speaking of nice cans...

Did you know that the wooden tray was custom built by Mandy specifically for this project? Unfortunately, after carefully measuring the width of the cans and cutting the center board, she then mistakenly glued the side runners on the top of the center board instead of on the sides, creating a jean-like dilemma of trying to fit too wide a can into too narrow a space.

Which leads me to my next point.

Every one should have a bench vise.

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  1. Where did you go? I miss reading your blog :)

  2. Did you give up on your blog? What great title and you have more than 500 people. Obviously people like it. Well I just happened to find it when I was searching for a blog to profile on my"Best Crafters" blog.

    I would continue writing. You've done a nice job. Happy 2014!

  3. I realllllllllly miss your humor. Hope all is well and that you come back! ~lisa

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  6. Wow, so cute, those crayons reminds me of childhood, where we used to color black and white figures in workbooks.

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