Thursday, September 20, 2012

Top Ten: Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

So I don't get out much, in the blog world sense, but I do occasionally check out the blogs that I feature on Man Up Link Up.

For instance, Anna over at My Life and Kids linked about how she stuck her husbands head on pictures when she was annoyed with him. Of course I had to find out a bit more about this poor guy. Turns out Anna is a pretty hilarious blogger, and even posted suggestions on how to annoy husbands.

Now us guys may not have online MBA in craft blogging, but for the poor, innocent husbands, I submit for their consideration:

Top Ten Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

1. Use her best sewing scissors to cut paper. Mention how well they cut.

2. Read her blog post over her shoulder while she's typing it and offer grammar suggestions.

3. Stay up late watching a game and then wake her up to tell her how the 4th quarter ended.

4. Innocently browse motorcycle blogs or football scores slowly at night when you know she needs the computer for tomorrow's post.

5. Tell her that you don't mind "babysitting" your own kids.

6. Randomly insert the phrase "That's what she said" while she's telling you all about the blog posts she read that day.

7. Make funny faces during family photo sessions and teach the kids to do the same.

8. Zoom in a lot (you know where to aim) when taking her WIWW pictures.

9. Put off cutting a board for her project for two months, then do it in 30 minutes one day and mention, “that took a lot less time than I thought!”

10. Hide all of her seam rippers in the lingerie drawer (she'll never find them).

Any other suggestions? It's for a good cause; you husband's sanity.


  1. Not the sewing scissors! Oh the humanities!

  2. Ha! Funny you mention the sewing scissors..hubby just did that Monday night (but wouldn't tell me what he was cutting with them) Needless to say, I'm still angry. Those things are expensive :(

  3. Number 10 is the best, with all that it implies. My husband knows better than to try number 1, but number 2 is absolutely my biggest pet peeve.

  4. I almost couldn't read this because I imagined my husband using sewing scissors to cut paper and about hyperventilated.

  5. h aha hahahahahahaha. i use number 10 to get him to hurry with number 4!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh - you're killing me! First of all - thanks for the great shout out. Second of all - I got annoyed just reading this list. And my husband does this stuff to me ALL THE TIME! Hilarious!!

    1. Ha! I knew it was you right away, I didn't even need your blog name or link :)

  7. My husband uses my seam rippers to pick at his feet after playing basketball. And he wonders why I have a drawer full of new-in-packaging seam rippers...

  8. My guy does these things without even trying to annoy me. So innocent and so infuriating, lol! And I cannot tell you how many photos have been taken of my butt.

  9. Guess I need to get my wife some seam rippers....

  10. Oh my heavens! Absolutely true...except #10-I don't use seam rippers, just really really sharp tiny scissors (which my mother-in-law gave me)...very dangerous!
    And I get after Preston for #2 all.the.time!

  11. That's awesome, just imagining my husband doing these things to me makes my eye twitch!

  12. Oh my heck these are awesome! My husband is famous for number #6!!

  13. HAHAHAH this is hilarious. i am a craft blogger (an amateur one) ... and not married (yet)... but if my fiance does these in the future i guess i'll know where he got the suggestions from. BHHAHAHAHA..


  14. That made me laugh so hard but it is oh so true! Don't touch momma's sewing scissors!!

  15. Nice trevor! Mandy, I'm happy to know your husband is an annoying as my husband at times!


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