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I'm Trevor. I'm married to a craft blogger. No surprise there. Mandy of Sugar Bee Crafts. She's been blogging for about three years. It started out innocently enough. A throw pillow here. A rag rug there. Maybe a couple of Mod Podge mini-crafts on the weekend. And you know the rest...you've seen it before. I knew it could only get worse, but I have to admit, I've turned a blind eye to the problem since it started bringing in dough. Everyone has a price.

Fortunately, I've been around to anchor things and keep a sane eye on the crafting. I let her do her thing, but I reserve the veto power over projects that stay in the house. You know the ones I'm talking about. They're probably on your blog.

In case you're wondering who I am and why I've been appointed chief critic of the craft blog world, I'll fill you in on a few details. My main claim to fame is that I'm married to a local celebrity, previously mentioned. Second to her, I'm most proud of our four kids, ages 3, 5, 7 and 9, who keep me young, on my toes, and constantly learning patience. I'm an engineer by schooling and a project manager by trade. I'm in the defense industry and get to occasionally blow things up for a living, though more often than not it's a spreadsheet and PowerPoint world.  

I've always been pretty handy, which I think is part of why Mandy said 'yes' about 11 years ago. That and my great sense of humor. And good looks. And humility. Mandy and I flipped a couple of houses during college to build down payments for future houses and to teach us those life skills. Like how to set a toilet, hang drywall, or tile a floor. We've done just about every DIY home project at one point or another.

But I'm not all about home improvement. I have other hobbies. I like cars, and moonlight as a used car salesman, buying and selling about 6 cars per year. I also have a couple of motorcycles that I rarely ride but sometimes tinker on. For every camera lens that Mandy has, I have a firearm, and I like to do a little target shooting on a regular basis. These things add a little testosterone to help balance out the barrage of craftiness that hits me on a daily basis and tries to sap away my manliness.

I've always had fun ribbing Mandy from time to time on some of her projects. She laughs at my jokes and appreciates my candor. When I did a guest post on her blog for our anniversary, one of the commenters suggested that I start a blog to comment on Mandy's blog. So here we are. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and spread the word. I figure I owe it to all the guys out there to tell their wives what their husbands are really thinking.

P.S.  Mandy set up this page for me and added the last line. I left is as she wrote it, unedited, non-punctuated, as a tribute to all those times that I've wandered by her while she was typing, looked over her shoulder, pointed out a misspelling or grammar mistake, and received "the look" in return.

see all about Mandy over at www.SugarBeeCrafts.com


  1. You and my husband need to talk!

  2. Man it is so good to know I am not alone! My wife isn't a craft blogger, but where she is going to put the next quilt or needlework project is beyond me! Already filled all the rooms in the house...and the caravan (trailer to you guys in the USA). Been telling her for years we don't need three guest bedrooms (like talking to a brick wall) but when the quilting came along, I had to find room in the garage for the beds so it could be turned into a sewing room! And now my daughter has become a craft blogger so I'm giving advice on blogging. Is there no escape?
    God bless you for your patience, humour and the guts to just "tell it like it is" from a blokes/guys perspective.

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  4. I just found this blog from your wife's blog post over at Happy Housewife. I had to laugh. Yes, I should get my husband to read your blog for a laugh. I am a photographer and I blog my photography and he is my tripod carrier and looks for other interesting spots to shoot while I'm shooting away with my Canon! He's in Toastmasters and I told him needs to write a speech about being the husband of a photographer. One line we've come up with.....why can't we just go for a drive and not stop for pictures! LOL! And we've loved each other 35 years as of tomorrow. Have a great week

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  6. Oh my goodness! My husband would totally feel your pain...I mean admiration...for the world of craft blogging! I found you through another blog...been following your wifes blog for years...now I'm following yours! It'll be nice to see a mans perspective {other than my husbands} when it comes to crafting!


  7. I make my husband help me with my blog because he is retired and I still work full time. He is my webmaster, dishwasher and taste tester. You seem like a good sport. Gloria at glutenfreepoodlehome.com

  8. This is hilarious. You should start a support group for the significant others of crafters! My poor boyfriend is the messiest person and it has always driven me crazy, but now that I'm a DIY blogger and my crafting has exponentially increased, HE'S the one freaking out about where he can put his things down. (Clearly I was motivated by revenge.)

  9. OK, thank you for blogging! I enjoyed very very much reading your bio and I love your wife's blog!
    Ursula, blogger at
    {a journal of modern crafts}


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