Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SNAP! Insights 2014

Well, SNAP! has come and gone again. It seems like I was just blogging about SNAP! a few posts ago. Maybe that's because it was a few posts ago, and my posts have gotten farther and farther apart. More on where I've been and what I've been up to (other than succulents) in a future post. I first need to reflect on this past week's SNAP! adventures.

Mandy once again enjoyed a lovely three-day vaccay out west. I hear she got to hob-knob with big wigs from the social marketing departments of a well-known glue company, meet semi-famous celebrities, participate in a "thrift-store tour" (JEALOUS), do some 80's dancing with a bunch of blogging ladies (I've seen the videos making the social media rounds-and haven't slept well since), and share a bed with someone that she's known for years in the blog world but just met in real life (jealous, Kimbo).

Meanwhile, I got to hang with the kiddos for a few days and wear the mom and the dad hats. In typical bullet point fashion, here's a few things I learned while Mandy was away:

  • Dishwashers stop working if you don't scrape the big chunks off before loading.
  • Kids have a lot more fun at "Take Your Child to Work Day" when they get to ride a forklift vs staying home to do a craft.
  • When you hear "my belly hurts" from the way-back seat of the mini-van, you have exactly six seconds to pass back a puke container.
  • Six seconds is not enough.
  • A paper plate is not a puke container.
  • Speaking of plates, Corelle plates are not unbreakable.
  • It helps to ask each kid if they remembered shoes before getting to the airport to pick up your wife entourage-style. 
  • Piggy-back rides get a little long when the flight is 20 minutes late.

WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised. 
The photo below contains graphic images, including a broken Corelle plate and some overheated eggs.

WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised. 
The photo below contains graphic images of adult women having way to much fun.

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  1. I can't believe you linked that video! horrible! now i won't tell you what me and your wife did in bed together!!!!!

    1. You ain't kidding. I was trying to cuddle with Mandy last night after she fell asleep and she nudged me back muttering something like "what are you doing, Kim?"

  2. Welcome back! There's nothing that can lure a guy out of blogging, semi-retirement like a good, old fashioned story with a puking kid. When you have irrefutable, photographic evidence, it's a tale that can't be left untold.

  3. Right! Mandy said it might be too graphic for the blog world, but I think you can handle it.


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