Friday, May 10, 2013

When's Mother's Day?

Earlier this week I was browsing Mandy's blog looking for something to mock and came across a post she had done featuring a couple of Mother's Day crafts. It featured a video, which I liked for two reasons:

  1. It featured Emmy, a future craft blogger in the making.
  2. It featured Mandy, a future rapper in the making. Spin that disc, baby. [I really don't know what rappers say, but I'm sure it's something like "spin that disc, baby." That, and I don't know how to type out "fitza, fitza, fitza" or "whycha, whycha, whycha" or whatever it is...]

In the midst of admiring her handwork and skill I had a brief mental panic.

When's Mother's Day? Did I miss it?

Apparently, I didn't do a good job of hiding my concern, because Mandy noticed my look of worry and asked me what was wrong.

Not wanting to give away my conundrum, but also not very quick on my feet, I calmly asked: "When's Mother's Day? Did I miss it?"

For some reason, Mandy found my dilemma quite funny. Fortunately, I had not. At least, not yet. I have two more days to prepare.

But the kids and I need some help.

What does a serious craft blogger want for Mother's Day? I was thinking we could cut out homemade coupons. With her sewing scissors, of course.

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  1. A day to work on her projects! Or ad space on a blog she loves.

  2. We donate to a charity in honor of my mom and give her a card. Some sites like food for the poor have ways you can donate specific items to someone in a third world country in honor of someone else. So this year we sent 20 chickens to a needy family and they gave us a card to give to my mom telling her that. It's pretty neat. I'm hoping my husband and kids do the same for me

  3. If I get a card saying my daughter donated chickens to someone in my name....I will disown her!!!

    Moms "give-to" and "do-for" others on a daily basis, so honor her on her day....she deserves it!!! You can never go wrong with flowers!!.....and/or a heart-felt handmade card!! Just let her know how special she is!! My daughter is 31 and still makes me a special card each year. They are my most prized (material) possessions!!

    I love your blog and your humor!! Keep up the good work!!


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