Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That poor, warped, four-year-old mind...

The other day the four-year-old came wandering through the house mumbling, "Where's that $3 chair...that $3 chair?" over and over to himself like a possessed zombie. I didn't know what to make of it. Three dollar chair? Should I be worried?

Then he came wandering around the corner in triumph, carting his quarry, bagged my his momma lioness just hours ago.

The sad thing is, he thinks it's normal. I mean, doesn't everyone have a $3 chair.

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  1. I do. Hand made with carving on the back. Actually I have another one with a cane seat- antique, it hangs on the wall. In a vignette with one of my straw hats. And a PA dutch print about family. And a faux painted metal pocket, with beaded wire branches in it also a garage sale find. Now that I think of it I have an antique white chair too I found for $3. Its on the floor though. I also have a $.50 lamp. What was the question?


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