Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I got an email today from Mandy as follows:

Subject: Mouses

Hey Hot Manly-Man

Can we trade mouses...mice.... eh?

my scroll wheel is worn out - it's driving me crazy  :)

A few thoughts about this email:

  • I spy with my little eye: 5 punctuation errors.
  • Who wears out a scroll wheel (Correct answer: a Pinterest addict, that's who)
  • I added four words. (hint: it is the only line that is correctly capitalized)
  • What is the correct lingo, mouses or mice?
As to the last bullet, I turned to my trusty friend Google Images search for validation.

Google Images search results for mouse:
Result: Even split. 50% furry mouse, 50% computer mouse

Google Image search results for mice:
Result: 100% furry mouse

Google Image search results for mouses:
Result: One sided. 85% computer mouse. 15% cartoon mouse.

Turns out Mandy was is mouses.

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  1. I use google image that way too... and often times to check my spelling!

  2. Hi Trevor - I've been reading your blog awhile but never commented. I just wanted to say you're awesome. Or, correctly punctualized (not really a word) "You're awesome!"
    Don't EVER stop blogging. Seriously. I'm a DIY/craft blogger and this is hilarious.


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