Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Man Up Link Up XIII Features

I have to admit: my eye was immediately drawn to the link that used the words "blogging" and "pet peeve" in the same picture. All sorts of nuances of the blogging world that cause me gray hairs flashed through my mind. I think I'll start a little list going of some of my personal favorites. For those of you for whom bullet points are a pet peeve, you may not want to tune in next time.

On to the features!

At first I thought this would be about how blogging IS a pet peeve. Close enough. But not nearly long enough.

I have $320 worth of "abstract art" hanging on our basement walls right now. That's another way of saying eight $40 canvases painted by four kids under 10.

Anything Perry related is an almost guaranteed feature. To top it off, I've seen this one in action. It came home with my six year old and you can color me impressed.

Garage organization is a kind of mental illness with which I am afflicted. I share not only Reannah's quest for order but also her frustration at lack of familial participation in said quest.

Succulents is a funny word that doesn't mean what I thought it did.

On a related note, I'm getting a strange Narnia vibe from this tea cup.

If you were featured, pick the button you deserve. You know which one you are.




  1. I hate to say it but if you actually paid $40 per canvas, you got ripped off. I bought all of mine for less than $15. I'm way to cheap to spend a lot on kid art. Thanks for the mocking/feature. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Thanks for the feature! If you ever get around to writing about your blogging pet peeves let me know... I could use a good laugh :)

  3. Thanks for the feature! :) I would love to read your blogging pet peeves too. lol Glad you liked my garage organization - if you find a cure for our illness, let me know. ;)

  4. Thanks for the Perry shout-out! I know Preston was pretty excited to get the inaction figure into the hands of every child in the neighborhood (which meant a total of 4 boys -above the age of 17- and one craft blogger worked for nearly a week to prep so many platypuses...err, platipi...)


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