Thursday, January 24, 2013

Even More Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

As the holidays were stressful enough, I skipped a couple of opportunities to annoy my craft blogging wife. But with the start of a new year, I figured it's time to get back on the bandwagon and show her some love and attention.

Even More Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

1. Hack her Instagram account and change her profile bio to "Bacon Lover." I only wish that was my idea.

2. Make a big pile of unfinished projects in the living room and comment on them each time you walk by. PJ @ Planned in Pencil

3. Schedule basketball night on the same night as her blogger meetup.

4. Empty her button jar and fill it with Legos.

5. Change the bobbin thread to hot pink when she's not looking.

6. Stand over her shoulder while she is trying to concentrate and give unwanted opinions, advice, etc. When she stops what she is doing, just say "I was just checking on you!" Lisa

7. Tease her when she uses the word "butter" instead of "bitter." Abbey D.

8. Call knitting "crochet," call sewing "knitting," call crafting in general "all that weird stuff you do instead of paying attention to the tv." ZoĆ«

9. Change the resolution on her DSLR camera to the lowest possible setting.

10. Ask her "what else is annoying to you?" ten times while she is trying to write a post.

Any other suggestions? Last time I did this list there were some excellent suggestions that I've since put to good use.


  1. Bring your wife to Target and show her how she could just buy all the things she wants to make, saving valuable money and time away from the TV.

  2. Every time she stops the current project she is working on, move it to a new spot.Then swear you have no idea where it is. My husband does this to me, I think I am participating in a treasure hunt...against my will 0-o

  3. I am laughing so hard right now! And I am glad that my hubby is out so that he can't ask why I am laughing and then use these against me in the future ;)


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