Friday, January 25, 2013

Instagram Friday: One Week

First off: man blog alert. Go check out AZ DIY Guy's Projects. He gets the dubious honor of being the third male to follow my blog.

A couple of quick, non-crafting highlights of the past week:

Identity theft. Someone hacked Mandy's Instagram account and changed her profile to "I love bacon" and shared some pictures of some Asian gals trying on shoes. Then I was the victim of my image being used without my consent on a craft blog. Strangely enough, on the day I intended to publish that post, someone hacked my gmail account, causing my blog to die for about 10 hours and all of my contacts to get some interesting spam from my email address.

Philly. I got to make a quick trip out to the City of Brotherly Love. Got to see some neat architecture, eat a cheese-steak at Pat's, eat on a ship, and of course, see the Liberty Bell (through a window, since I was too late to get in on the last tour). 

Carbs. Since I was not around to enforce our weekday "slow carb" diet, Mandy went to town, whipping up all sorts of carbilicious fun. This is all that remained when I got home, one day later.

Style. On an unrelated note, Mandy's been trying for a while to step up my style. Apparently, me wearing clothes from 1997 does not compliment her WIWW apparel. Or, she wants me to start spending money on clothes so that she can follow suit. At any rate, I decided to follow her advice and Thomas Stanley's and pick up some Allen Edmonds. Of course, being married to a frugal craft blogger, spending $300 on a pair of shoes was not possible, so I had to haunt eBay for a couple of days until these beauties came up for $95, new in box with tree shoes.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I enjoy the humor and personality of your blog and I certainly enjoy a good picture of a cheese-steak, probably a feature only found on dude-blogs.

  2. Im disappointed. You went all the way to the state of my youth and ancestors, to my fav city, and didnt eat a Philly hot pretzel? Sorry about the hack and copywrite infringement. As a librarian I am highly offended and will use you as an example when I teach about appropriate resource citations. Not sure what to say about the style...I thought all you wore were t-shirts and long shorts.


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