Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

I noticed that Mandy has seemed less on edge lately. Maybe it's the fact that the kids are back in school. Or maybe it's all of the honey-do items that I've crossed off my list for her. Either way, I think she needs a bit more stress in her life, hence...

Ten More Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

1. Set out old crafts on the curb on big trash day.

2. Use her rotary cutter to cut leather in the garage to reupholster your motorcycle seat.

3. Use the gift card she got for winning a craft contest on ammunition.

4. When handing her back her DSLR after taking her WIWW picture, fake drop it right before her hand grabs it, but really have the strap around your wrist. Repeat each time you take her picture. It gets funnier every time.

5. Use her seam ripper to pick stuff out of your toes after basketball night. (From Melanie at The Crafty Cupboard)

6. Order her business cards for her blog and misspell the address ""

7. Drag your feet on family picture night so that you show up to the park just as the best light is ending.

8. Change her email settings in Pinterest so that she gets an email immediately every time someone likes, repins or follows her pins.

9. Use the phrase "I'll bet you a hickey that..." when you can't agree on some piece of trivia. Loser gives the hickey, winner picks location. Either way, you win. I have yet to have Mandy take me up on these bets, but it doesn't stop me from trying.

10. Use the word "hickey" in a public forum, such as a blog post that her friends will read.

Any other suggestions? Lasts time I did this list only one blogger was man enough to leave a suggestion. I guess your men must be doing well enough without my help.

Thanks again to Anna over at My Life and Kids for inspiring this list series when she posted suggestions on how to annoy husbands.


  1. Make a big pile of unfinished projects in the living room and comment on them each time you walk by

  2. This really never gets old. I thought you covered all of them last time, but these are super annoying too! Thanks for the shout out.

  3. Oh oh I've got one! Get a major company to give you $300 worth of free stain to stain your fence in exchange for review/advertising...then take 4 months to actually STAIN THE FENCE! Then COMPLAIN when your wife is upset because you're watching tv instead of helping finish stain the fence . True story. Never again will I involve my husband in a blogging campaign that I need his help with. I sound butter huh? ;)

  4. Repeatedly ask "What *is* that anyway?" about WIPs.

    Refuse to give opinions on preferred colours/sizes/layouts etc even if the finished project is for him.

    Call knitting "crochet," call sewing "knitting," call crafting in general "all that weird stuff you do instead of paying attention to the tv."

    True story ;)

  5. Ask her "who is that for?" every time you walk into the room and see her working on a new project.

  6. Stand over her shoulder while she is trying to concentrate and give unwanted opinions, advice, etc. When she stops what she is doing, just say "I was just checking on you!" ugh...I HATE that!!

  7. When she shows you a piece of work that she's bloodied her fingers over with hard work, glance in it's general direction and shrug. Utter a "Meh" and turn away. That's super great here.

  8. When asked to pick up a craft supply and a color isn't specified, get the worst possible color available.

  9. Changes all "craft" words (craft, crafting craft room, etc) to CRAP! Crap room crapting, etc! My husbands personal favorite is when I show him my latest craft project, no matter what, he replies with "What is it?" Thanks hun, love ya too!

  10. Argue about colors. Works wonders on the annoying factor, especially when your husband is color blind. True story.


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