Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Might Be Married to a Craft Blogger...

Third time's a charm. A couple from me and a few from you all. Share your Christmas themed ones in the comments.

You might be married to a craft blogger if...
  • You get in trouble for adding the JoAnn's mailer to the recycle bin before pulling out the coupon.
  • You can cook a Totino's pizza in the time it takes for your wife's blog to load.
  • If you have to repeatedly harp on your wife to get a button sewn on a shirt while your children are sporting head-to-toe mommy made ensembles. Jenn from A Jennuine Life
  • You know the layout of your local JoAnns and your wifes hot spots, increasing your chances of finding her 30 minutes in to a "just give me 20 minutes, honey" shopping trip. PJ at Planned in Pencil.
  • Your coworkers know way too much about your master bathroom. Grace at Craftadon.
  • You've used your metal-working tools and abilities to make a special holder for a mini iron. Kelly J Designs

Do you or your man have any good ones? Let's hear 'em.

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  1. Your six year old is still waiting for her Christmas stocking? (This is yours, obviously, just reminding you)

  2. ...your wife is the only person using the mullet/hammer at home.

  3. Straight quote from tree decorating night "you put as many ornaments on that 3 foot tree as I would put on a 6 foot tree"

  4. You have to plead with your wife not to spray paint the Christmas tree.

  5. You know what pom pom trim is and, more importantly, you can debate any naysaying blogger about how awesome it is to use pom pom trim liberally in every Christmas project. And even more importantly, you walk around the house saying "pom pom trim" over and over to yourself because you like the way it sounds. :D


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