Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Features: Man Up Link Up IX

Merry Man Up Link Up! Nothing shares Yuletide cheer like a little DIY heckling. I was a bit surprised that only 57% of links were dedicated to holiday crafts. There were  a few other surprising stats as well:

Link Up Statistics
57% Christmas
23% Edible (counting the Cranberry and Popcorn Strings and Peppermint Clay. Mmm)
8% Wreaths (a Christmas Link Up all time low percentage)
5% Deer Related
0% Elf on the Shelf (a real shocker)

Now on to the featured links!

Mandy would like to thank Jennifer for introducing me to Gangnam Style. Turns out I'm a natural and can't stop dancing. Real quote from my daughters tonight: "Dad, you're a good dancer, you should go show Mom." Mom was not impressed.

Then Jennifer posted about this jar she made to hold her husband's loose screws. I'm hoping Mandy will make me a jar like this, but with more of a "coupon book" type of thought to it.

I didn't mean to end up with a Jennifer trifecta, but that's what happens when you post a mustache craft.

Two reasons I'm featuring this:

  1. Colleen
  2. She threw down the gautlet by stating that "these are so easy even your husband could make them." Them's fight'n words.

Two themes that I never thought would merge in the craft blog world:

  1. mounted deer head
  2. embroidery hoops

Speaking of deer heads, turns out if you link up a deer head during the December Man Up Link Up, you have a 100% chance of being featured. Too bad neither of them are real.

And speaking of deer heads...either this deer is lucky or some guy is a really bad shot.

P.S. Rita knows the real Santa.

If you were featured, pick the button you deserve. You know which one you are. If you take a button, don't say I never gave you anything for Christmas!




  1. So does this mean you're going to be trying the recipe and sharing the experience with us???

  2. Thanks for featuring "Lucky" the deer. I am truly honored! :)
    Happy Holidays!

  3. All right - that second button is awesome. I'm going to keep linking up until I get one of them, and it doesn't matter which.

  4. Wow! I've never been a Trifecta before! Can't wait to tell my hubby and have him not understand! LOL Thanks for the Feature(s) :D

  5. Thanks for featuring my faux mounted deer head!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  6. There is NEVER a bad time for Gangnam style dancing!


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