Monday, December 3, 2012

Man Up Link Up IX

December's here and so's another Man Up Link Up. I wonder if there'll be any Christmas themed posts? Maybe an Elf on the Shelf one, too?

Be advised that this is not your typical link party. Rather, I will review your crafts through the clouded, uncouth lens of testosterone. I may not get it, and I may state as much.

So man up. Link up.

If you're brave or just happen to have a lot of white space on your blog, grab the button below.


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  1. Looks like you're going to be in your element - it's wreath season!

  2. I can just see your mind exploding with Christmas haha

  3. Okay Trevor, it's my first time so be easy on me ;) Looks like your Christmas prediction was spot on although I didn't spot any little elves in the line up. Thanks for hosting a unique party!

  4. Thanks for hosting! You're a dude..maybe you'll appreciate the deer head art?!


  5. New follower here! (Coming over from your wife's blog). Love the name of your blog!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting! First time linking up :)

  7. if you like elf on the shelf as much as i do (not much), you have got to check out little blue boo's series...

  8. Well, now I'm nervous and don't know what to post that will impress you enough that you don't hurt my feelings. Ha. All right - here I go...

  9. All right I admit and am willing to man up. I totally failed on the picture link party thing. Can you delete mine so I can try again please. its Erika #66. You can email me at My man is in the clerks office tonight-and he is the computer genius. Thanks
    This is the image I meant to link.

    1. I think I got you squared away. Thanks for linking up!

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