Friday, November 30, 2012

Instagram Friday

As mentioned yesterday, it's that time of year again. It's not December yet and we have our decor up.

First, I need some advice. How many "Holiday decor areas" are reasonable for an average suburban home? We have eight distinct areas sporting Christmas holiday decor. Pictured below are a few for your viewing pleasure.

1. This is the view through our front door window. Note the Holiday spider web. Mandy put this Christmas decoration up early this year. So early, in fact, that it doubled as Halloween decor. Any bets that it will be Memorial Day decor?

 2. Simple enough. The regular piano toppers get tossed in the Christmas box and are replaced by a few of Mandy's snowman collection.

 3. The tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. Does anyone else have the singing snowmen carolers in the left hand side of the picture. How is it that a toddler instinctively knows how to push the right spot to make it sing? Over and over again?

4. Mandy has been crafty ever since we were married 11 years ago. For our first Christmas, she made matching stockings for each of us. As children were born, she made each of them a stocking. At least, that was the theory. We're one stocking short. Abby's is almost done. She coincidentally just had her birthday this past week. Her 6th birthday.

5. I like the Christmas tablescape because it helps prevent the normal buildup of random items that seems to happen on any flat surface in our house. At least, it mostly prevents it. There's a cub scout book, stopwatch, McKenna tribute, and candy wrapper on the table to complete the look.

6. What do you call that vase of sticks on the left with ornaments hanging from it? A Christmas tree? Surely there's an official crafting word for a vase full of sticks.

Happy November!

P.S. I did lay down the hiding the Elf on the Shelf until December 1.

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  1. I made all the stockings for my family, too. If you look very closely at the pictures from my youngest child's first birthday, you can see the safety pins holding his stocking together! (I did get that fixed by the next Christmas, though!)

  2. Official name for vase full of sticks is "vasis stikis" it comes from the latin "wastis nothingis"

  3. In the story elf on the shelf arrives Thanksgiving night!! :)

  4. I've mostly restricted Christmas decorations to our downstairs...which is one great-room with our kitchen, dining room, and living room. Then there's some decorations on a table in our entry way. I might put the advent calendars upstairs so the downstairs doesn't look too cluttered.

  5. I just got out my decorations... and I don't have kids, so I can't even blame it on them. At least you guys have kids so you can be like, 'yeah the kids wanted to...'. haha

  6. Ours go up today, December 1st, only because I can't lift the boxes and the hubs said he'd do it on the weekend! We don't have thanksgiving here and super sition says its bad luck to put them up before the first - clearly made up by some husband 200 years a go!

  7. I love making those stockings! I am excited this year because we have a new dog and I can do one up for him too. Those felt applique kits are my absolute favorite sewing craft. I've done a tree skirt, advent calender, table runner with coasters and napkin holders, 2 ornament sets and 11 stockings.


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