Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two Days Till...December

...and yet all of our Christmas decorations are up.

The turkey was just barely digesting and Mandy was already having me lug six plastic storage bins upstairs from the basement. Six. They take up a rather large chuck of storage space that should be holding ammunition and motorcycle parts.

I counted twelve distinct holiday decor themed areas around our house, counting one from Halloween of this year and one from Thanksgiving of last year. Tune in tomorrow for Instagram Friday and a picture of each area "as is" with no blog-world photo prep ("Why yes, the Cub Scout Book, basketball, random coloring sheet and Lego man are part of the tablescape").

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  1. Be glad she waites til then! Id put up my tree in October if I didnt think my husband might poison my eggnog

  2. You know you are married to a craft blogger when you use the word tablescape :). I put a few decor out, but the trees wait till the first....

  3. Only 6 boxes? You're lucky. That wouldn't even hold 1/3 of my Christmas stuff!


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