Monday, November 26, 2012

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Well, after letting Mandy be the guinea pig last year, I took the plunge and let a stranger zap my eyes with lasers.

I got a lot of free advice/warnings from colleagues, friends, relatives, and other helpful souls. Here's my taking on the most popular bits of trivia:

Lasik True or False

  1. You have to wear glasses for three days prior to the surgery (no contacts).
    • True. I had never worn glasses to work before last week. People kept telling me how much smarter I looked with glasses. Good thing I got Lasik.
  2. They hand out Valium like it's candy pre-surgery, but only the wimpy males take it.
    • False. They didn't even offer me any. But hey, I know I look tough.
  3. The actual procedure is painless.
    • False. They do put numbing drops in your eyes. But then they stick something on top of your eyeball and push down really hard so it can't move. But like I said, I'm tough.
  4. You can't wear eye makeup for a week afterward.
    • True. I'm not sure how I'll manage this week.
  5. Everything looks bright afterwards.
    • True. Everything does look bright. Except for me; I look cool in shades in the dark.
  6. You have to take a really long nap the first day when you get home.
    • True. Reason enough to get it done. I might do it once a year.

Why yes, I'm wearing fleece Angry Birds pajama pants. I'm glad you asked. 

Mandy, the sensitive wife that she is, cooked a special meal for me while I recovered.

Overall, thumbs up on the whole process. I'd recommend it, if only for the nap.

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  1. no shame in angry bird fleece, my husband has some snoopy ones, shhh don't tell

  2. Congrats on getting your eyes laserred!


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