Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TOMS Survey Results

Here you go, the TOMS survey results. Pretty balanced, though there were a bit more votes on the "no" side of things. Be sure to read the survey comments.  There's some pretty funny stuff, ranging from comparing TOMS to yacht-wear to slippers to lauding the stylish, sensitive male to an accusation of sexism for using term "girly". As for me, I won't be sporting TOMS anytime soon. I'll get my socially responsible kick by buying them for Mandy.

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My husband thinks they look like bedroom slippers. That old men would wear. Just say no. (He's an engineer, too.)
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I'm an Apparel major and I love when guys wear TOMS. It shows off his style and the fact that he cares about the world.
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they are exactly the same. Sure wear them as a slipper type shoe around the house but not to go out in. Don't want to seem racist but the only men I can see are those "Daniel Son" tutor types.
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You're pretty heartless if you dont buy some. Have you seen these poor children without shoes?!
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I like a subtle pattern, even for men!
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I don't think Toms are stylish for men or women. They look like old lady shoes. Good luck if you wear them.
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Women should not wear them either! They're hideous monstronsities that make one look as if they are wearing potatoes for shoes.
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I have seen some men that can pull it off, but it's like a scarf on a man...not everyone man can pull it off. Sometimes it just makes you give off a creepy vibe and no one wants that!
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not unless you live on a boat in the Florida keys
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Nope, sorry. Men can't wear Toms. They have to wear Bobs.
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But, hey I think NO ONE should wear them.
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TOMS are like Converse sneakers - unisex; but with more social responsibility.
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If you don't mind looking like you own a yacht... :D
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and those are ugly for women too.
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I work on a college campus and I do see the guys in them but I am not sure. They don't seem very manly. I don't think my husband would wear them...correction...I KNOW my husband wouldn't wear them.
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My husband refuses to wear them {even though he HAS a pair} - but I think they're awesome...even for guys!
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Whereas I have now began to understand the trend and want a pair, my Husband still disdainfully refers to them as 'prison shoes'. He and his farmer friends have a line 'you can tell a man's ability to work based on his footwear'. IE : no flip flops and probably no TOMs.
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i mean, they're basically a loafer. Just stick with solid, dark colors & consider them a golf shoe lol!
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I actually don't like them on women either. They actual look more like men shoes to me, I just think they are ugly. It is kinda like the whole crocs epidemic, I never got it for women, men or kids. Atleast with Toms, you are supporting a nice company!
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Divorce papers should be served on any man wearing these in public, on the other hand what you wear on your feet around the house is totally between you and your wife :P
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Assuming a "man" can or can't do anything as stupid as wear a style of shoe because it looks "girly" is sexist and retrograde
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the only guys who wear TOMS are either hipsters (aka wanna-be-a-girl-wearing-skinny-jeans guys), or they are European and just don't know any better... (I'm an American living in Germany, believe me, they need a lesson in being MANLY here!)
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For those of you that thought that TOMS are manly enough, you may have a point. Turns out Bruce Lee was wearing them when he whipped an Adidas sporting Chuck Norris.

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