Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Man Up. Link Up. II–Features

Well, here we go again. Thanks to all the hearty souls who linked up again this week.

solar jar This week’s winner of the “most clicked” award goes to the DIY Solar Jars. This craft almost gets a border-line “Man Approved” vote because it involved taking apart yard stakes and using the solar cells in them. I also like the fact that she used a fancy-schmancy spray paint box to contain the over-spray. Mandy uses our fancy-schmancy front lawn for spray painting. The neighbors think the patterns are mini crop circles.

garage reveal
How can you not love a garage makeover? I was loving everything about this 5-month project until I got to the painted peg-board, which dropped the manly level down a notch. Diamond stenciling and chop saws; never the twain shall meet.

painted peg board
cloth clock
Mandy thought it was cute to use the embroidery hoop as a clock. I maintain that any craft that uses an exposed hoop in a finished product isn’t really finished.
laundry icons
At first I thought this would be a pretty helpful man-post. You know, it would teach me the different laundry requirements. Then I clicked on the link and realized I'd seen it somewhere before. I’ll stick with my tried and true formula of “all clothes in one load is more helpful than no clothes in no load.”
wreath Any wreath ranks right up there with an empty
frame wall in my list of crafts I don’t understand. I’m still waiting for someone to hot glue a bunch of nuts and bolts to a foam circle to make me a manly wreath for the garage. On the other hand, when visiting her post I was immediately drawn to the enchilada post…now there’s a manly recipe.


I am weak for a good mustache craft, but any link-up that uses pictures of my kids in the thumbnail is just plain pandering, and I refuse to feature them.

If you were featured, pick the button you deserve. You know which one you are.




  1. So since you mentioned two posts, can I grab both buttons! I feel like I have been mocked and praised all in one :)

  2. I guess someone should get on making that manly garage wreath...

    Sam M. | Atkinson Drive

  3. LOL about the mandarin laundry tag! Truth be told that's what it looks like to me too, thus why I decided to actually figure out what those stupid icons meant. :-) I'm honored to grab a button!

  4. I love your blog. When I saw you featured my Solar Jars... I was both thrilled and terrified all at once! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the feature. I had to sissy up my garage a little bit.. since it is GIRL COUNTRY! No boys allowed!

  6. Love the blog - esprcially "Man up - Link up!"

  7. LOL! And I found a little something you may appreciate, or not...


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