Monday, August 27, 2012

Man Up. Link Up. II

Last week was fun. I was expecting to get a lot of typical craft posts, but it seems many of you went out of your way to link up a 'manly' post. I got a kick out of them and had to come up with the "Man Approved" button as a reward. That said, the "I've Been Mocked" button is equally as sought after. You'll have to decide which button you're going for when you link up.

Be advised that this is not your typical link party. Rather, I will review your crafts through the clouded, uncouth lens of testosterone. I may not get it, and I may state as much.

Rules of Engagement:
  • Link to a specific post.
  • Link up actual projects. I can tell which projects were purposefully made tacky in order to earn the "I've been mocked" distinction. Usually.
So man up. Link up.

If you're brave or have a lot of white space on your blog, grab the button below.



  1. I've Manned Up, I'm counting the rise in my testosterone levels as I type

  2. Ha, I love it! I missed last week's party, but I manned up this week, and grabbed your button :-)

  3. After all that you were lost for words on my quilt last week, Trevor! Good luck this week!
    Cheers from India!

  4. All right. I put my money where my mouth is and showed my support by linking up.

    *reminds self to have thick skin*


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