Monday, August 27, 2012

Can MEN wear TOMS?

Mandy loves TOMS. She swears they're ultra comfortable and stylish. It's all my fault, as I ordered them for her as a gift [after she harassed me with email spam about them for weeks]. We're now on the TOMS mailing list and received their mailer the other day.

I was flipping through it and the first few pages were not hawking shoes, rather showing pictures from their recent trip to Argentina giving away shoes. It was fascinating and I was sucked in. Brilliant marketing strategy. They didn't even try to sell shoes for the first half of the magazine and I was ready to buy before I even got to the ads.

Then it dawned on me...I'm a guy. TOMS are "girl" shoes.

Not according to TOMS. They've come out with some cordones and oxfords. But they're also pitching their "classics" as men-approved.

More research was needed. I checked out the TOMS website. Hmmm. Is there a difference?

Let me know what you think. Not that it will change my mind, I'm just curious what the masses think. I tried to get some answers in last week's link up feature, but no takers, so now's your chance to vote!

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I also had a survey for your men to take, but it seemed redundant:

Survey for men:   Q: Can MEN wear TOMS?
  1. No.
  2. Heck no.

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  1. I asked my husband this morning how he would feel if I started a blog 'So I married a diesel mechanic'. We have four kids, too, and my husband's shop is at our house. We are full of unusual instances. Anyway, I don't think he was inclined.

  2. No one should wear Toms, they're hideous.

  3. Toms are a great shoe for a great cause. They're simple, with a strong message. And even if the people above think they're hideous, they're no crocs. They are the most comfortable shoes you ever may wear and its for a good cause. Its a win win.

  4. Hah well I guess it depends on the man... As a woman, those shoes look the same for either gender, to be honest. I would strongly recommend as a man to at least stick to very dark colors, and anything that looks more man fashion, not woman fashion (i.e. pink?).

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  5. should any gender wear TOMS?? a size 13 ???above hairy legs. oh my


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