Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

It's been about a year since my last top ten listing. Then again, it's been about a year since a lot of my standard posts. You'd think that in a year's time, I'd have come up with a lot of ways to annoy my craft blogging sweetheart. And you'd be right.

  1. Hack her Pintrest account and pin a few motorcycles under her "Next Projects" board.
  2. Attend the PTA meeting while she's at a blog conference and nominate her for president.
  3. Volunteer for her to make embroidered shirts for people at your work. All of them.
  4. Set her ringtones so that it plays "My Little Buttercup" from The Three Amigos whenever you call.
  5. Empty out her craft knick knack bins and use them for LEGO storage.
  6. Put LEGOs in her knick knack bins. (The kids might do this for you)
  7. Clear off the air hockey table to attempt to play a game.
  8. List her spare sewing machine on Craigslist as a WTT for a go cart.
  9. Walk behind her while she's on a Google hangout.
  10. Repeat number 9 above. Naked.

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  1. I am SO glad you're back to blogging. I really missed your humor during your break. My husband thinks along the very same lines as you do.

  2. I really applaud #4, classic. The other 9 have possibilities. However #10 I would need to see photos before I could judge it.

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  4. My Little Buttercup... that one is the worst!! You just know she will be at her sewing machine singing that in her head all day! Love the blog Uncle Trevor:)

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