Thursday, May 22, 2014

WTT: Embroidery Machine for Go Kart

I came across a Craigslist post this evening that I need to share. I may or may not know the poster. I feel fairly safe in posting this, since Mandy no longer checks my blog.

I've included the text below as the listings often disappear from the web once they expire. Which in this case, might be a good thing.

WTT: Embroidery Machine for Go Kart

P.S. If any of you need a Singer XL-1000, let me know...

WTT Singer Embroidery Machine XL-1000 - $1 (Liberty)

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For trade is a Singer Embroidery Machine, Quantum XL-1000. It comes with the embroidery arm and sewing base, so you can sew or use it for embroidery. It also comes with several different sizes of hoops. It is in good condition and works great. It has a touch screen. My wife doesn't use it anymore since she got a new embroidery machine. It comes with the manuals, which is a good thing, since I can't explain how it works or anything of the sort.

Looking to trade for a go kart. Conditions of trade:

1. Go kart must be in good running order.
2. Must be a 2 seater so the kids can ride and drive together.
3. Prefer a go kart with suspension (I'm getting too old to be banged around by one without).
4. You must come and pick up the sewing machine and drop off the go kart.
5. Pick up time must be scheduled such that my wife isn't home.
6. Trade only, since my wife doesn't want to sell the machine, even though it hasn't been used in months. By trading it I'm technically abiding by her wishes not to sell it.
7. Lightsaber in picture can be included for the right deal.
8. Fabric in picture is NOT included, as it's disappearance would be noticed.

Please reply via email only.

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  1. Ahhhh,... I get it. I was really drawn in, thinking it was like a "roof rack for a SUV", "a winch for a Jeep", or "turbo-bass for a Civic". I'm disappointed to learn you've not selling a go-kart mounted, quick-deploying neighborhood embroidery service.


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