Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Man Crafting vs. Blog Crafting

On Monday we did a little man crafting. I've had some readers questions whether man crafting is a real thing, and if it is, how it differs from crafting that one might do for something else, such as a craft blog. In an effort to clear up any lack of clarity on the subject, I've decided to highlight a few of the differences by comparing my recent man craft to a few past blog crafts.

1. Functionality - a man craft is done to achieve some sort of objective. In the man craft example below, the objective is to cross a creek. In the blog craft example below, the objective is to...well, look at empty frames, or something.

2. Equipment - a man craft utilizes heavy machines, while a blog craft utilizes sewing machines. It should be pointed out that blog craft equipment can't be traded for a go kart.


3. Longevity - a man craft is built to last a life time. Many man crafts are still in existence today, such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and Stonehenge (note: some scholars debate whether Stonehenge is a man craft, since its functionality is not evident). A blog craft, on the other hand, need only last long enough for pictures to be taken.

4. Fasteners - a man craft uses some serious fasteners, such as 16d nails, deck screws, or hardened bolts. Blog crafts are held together by thread, yard, staples, or, more commonly, hot glue. I think the results of our man craft below would have been less than favorable had we opted for hot glue instead of the 6" nails in the picture below? 


There is, however, one fastener upon which both man crafters and blog crafters use in agreement.

Duct tape.

The only difference is that blog crafters refer to it as "duck" tape.

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  1. Ha ha fantastic post. I too call it duck tape. Enough said I guess.Mx

  2. Too funny - love the "look at empty frames, or something"

  3. Duct tape vs Duck Tape. Duct tape was created to use in sealing,,, what else? ducts, but soon became known as the perfect fix-everything. Duck Tape is a brand of duct tape that started out just being the regular grey, but now comes in blinding colors and patterns and is sold in craft stores as well as hardware stores.

  4. I stumbled on your wife's blog which led me to your blog. Oh my gracious you two are hysterical! I Dies laughing! My husband and I are both 'crafters' in these various ways, him with legit tools, me with my sewing machine. Spot on. What a riot. What a great analysis, you two are awesome!


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