Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eavesdropping on a Blogger Google Hangout

If there's one thing I love more than a good Google hangout, it's a good Google hangout with six crafty lady bloggers at 10:00 PM on a school/work night. Fortunately, there was one going on last night. Unfortunately, I was not invited. I think it's because I would be an eye-candy distraction. Fortunately, Mandy was invited, and I happen to sit next to her and could take it all in second-hand.

Mandy does her hangouts using earbuds. I guess it keeps down the echos. And the eavesdroppers. So all I get is a visual of the party, no audio. Except for Mandy's audio. Which makes for some interesting conversations, of which I only get to hear one side.Here's a few quotes I heard her say at some point during the hangout. You'll have to guess as to the context.

  • "I think it's good."
  • "She makes it big to entice them to pin that one."
  • "No, the share button doesn't work."
  • "All I did was take one picture of the chocolate."
  • "You should really go to bed." (said to me).

Since Mandy was busy chatting with her homies, I didn't want to pester her with questions about whether they would care if I shared a few snapshots of their party. I can only imagine the fun and excitement that they are having.

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