Thursday, March 14, 2013

Candy is NOT for Eating

A few weeks ago a shared with you that I had been forced into craftiness out of self preservation, pressing my wooden hardware boxes into duty for one of Mandy's posts (left).

Fortunately, they have been relieved from duty and have been replaced by more appropriate counterparts (right). I was relieved and humanely returned my shop boxes to their rightful place place, getting dusty housing large nails and old electrical components that I save just in case "This Old House" calls and needs my help restoring a 1904 circa bungalow.

Unfortunately, these replacement boxes now contain skewered peeps (inhumane, to say the least) resting in jars of non-JellyBelly jelly beans (also inhumane). This is one way Mandy celebrates Easter three weeks in advance (also inhumane, and slightly crazy). As you know, all of Mandy's crafts are functional: I believe the function of this craft is to dry out the peeps to the point where they petrify in place and become so hard that they can be used to grind the 20-year old wheat that we have in our basement when "it all goes down."

While this excuse is enough to satisfy me (and lend credence to my need to stockpile ammunition), it is of little comfort to the 15 kids who wandered through our house today and invariably asked if they could have one. Don't they understand? Mandy was a broken record:

"This candy is not for eating!"

"It's for decoration."

"Come back after Easter!"

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  1. While I shudder at the thought of a post-Easter Peep kabob roast, this is good news regarding the return of your boxes. Wives simply do not understand the necessity of keeping our hardware in a constant state of readiness for that impending, emergency deployment call from This Old House. Do you think your call-to-arms will come from Tom or Norm themselves, or will they delegate it to Kevin?

  2. Yu need to snag a few peeps and have a peep joust in the microwave! Way more fun than using peep-ka-bobs as center pieces.

  3. Your twitter account has direct messaged me three times in the past week with random links (that I haven't clicked). Just thought you should know.

  4. Just started reading your blog recently. As a new craft (well, diy) blogger, I think it is hilarious to read from the perspective of the husbands that put up with us crafty types! Thanks for being their voice!


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