Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anti-Functional Decorating: Is there any other type?

Mandy's been involved in a year-long redecorating of our master bedroom. I'm all about redecorating, but only if there's some sort of functional benefit to be had in the process. New candles, mirrors, etc would all be functional additions welcome in our bedroom decor.

In the picture below, there's a couple of functional items. The dresser. The candles. The frame around our picture. I'll even give the large printed yellow sign a functional head nod as it certainly succeeds in its intended purpose of being legible.

There was, however, a functional casualty in the latest round of decor. Next to the dresser you'll notice a large jar that previously performed grandly in it's very functional purpose of holding spare change. Unfortunately, this jar caught the eye of a crafty lady who I happen to be married to, and it became a holder for some dried sticks and a couple of peacock feathers. While I don't dispute the usefulness of the sticks and feathers, I do have a problem with their interference of the purpose of the penny jar. They're jammed in there so tightly that there's no room for even a single coin to slip past. So much for saving for our kids' tuition.

I can't help but think that this is Mandy's inner self admitting that decorating prevents saving.

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  1. I suspect you may need more than a jar of pennies for your kids college ;)

  2. Sticks and feathers. Bedroom. Jar for money. TMI.


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