Thursday, November 1, 2012

You might be married to a craft blogger...

OK, here we go with the second round, along with a few great ones from your comments from last month.

You might be married to a craft blogger if...
  • You know the difference between tool and tulle.
  • You have inspirational vinyl quotes on the bathroom walls.
  • You and your kids had to dress up in homemade, matching, themed costumes last night.
  • Your clothes are wrinkled because your wife spends all of her ironing energy on her fabric. (Colville Clan of TN)
  • You regularly go off to work with a special sparkle (glitter). (Mel @ Mellywood's Mansion)
  • You recognize the 'new' project on the piano/shelf/door/etc. from pictures on her blog, and finally understand what it is (or is trying to be) after you read the post. (Ashley at How Do You Like Them Apples)
  • You have opinions on who should win project runway. (Jess at Me Sew Crazy)

Do you or your man have any good ones? Let's hear 'em.

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  1. You know the layout of your local JoAnns and your wifes hot spots, increasing your chances of finding her 30 minutes in to a "just give me 20 minutes, honey" shoppung trip.
    ~Mr. T

  2. Inspirational quotes in the bathroom, hilarious!

  3. If you have to repeatedly harp on your wife to get a button sewn on a shirt while your children are sporting head-to-toe mommy made ensembles. Jenn from A Jennuine Life

  4. I was just explaining the tool/tulle difference to my husband 2 days ago.

  5. You're constantly picking threads off the floor.
    You've used your metal-working tools and abilities to make a special holder for a mini iron.

  6. ...You buy a house specifically because the room for crafting has "amazing natural light." Did that.

    ...Your coworkers know way too much about your master bathroom.

    ...You try to tell your friends about your weekend, but they already know.

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