Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things Mandy Should Post About

Mandy's out of post ideas, as evidenced by the fact that she's running all contributor posts this month. :

    • How to Get Down to One Christmas Decor Box, For Good
    • Product Review: Victoria's Secret 
    • Geting Glitter Out of Minivan Carpet Made Easy
    • Ten Things You Can Clean While Your Craft Blog Loads

Here are a few suggestions to Mandy from readers last month, or maybe from their other halves:

  • Jessica: How to Economize at the Fabric Store
  • Jessica: How to Get In and Out of the Fabric Store in Under 5 Minutes

Have any other ideas? If you're stumped, ask your man, and then let me know.

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  1. These crack me up! How about 'How to photoshop your husband into Christmas card photos so he doesn't even have to be there'. Mine would appreciate this skill as we get ready to take ours tomorrow.

  2. hmmm... how about a few lessons I could learn:

    1. How to walk out of Michael's with only what you came for.
    2. How to walk out of a thrift store without buying any junk
    3. What to do with all of excess DIY clothing/hair accessories/etc that you just HAD to make but have no use for.
    4. The items that should NEVER be turned into a DIY project (seriously. just buy the shower curtain liner. Do not attempt to fashion one from old rain coats or vinyl table cloths)


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