Friday, November 16, 2012

Instagram Friday

Every once in a while, I get a day off work. My preferred way of spending it? Waiting in line with Mandy for the Grand Opening of a discount clothing store.

Almost as fun as waiting in line is cleaning out the fridge. I'm usually pretty on top of it (in our house, it's husband duty) but this week I reached in the back and found a yellow container containing...something.

I'm not sure where that kid learned to make faces during photo taking. I would never do something like that.

Date night last week. Yes, it's a vintage Wembley clip-on. Is there any other tie?

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  1. yes, you and my husband feel the same way about waiting for a store to open. I'm sure he'd come up with a saying to go with it, like rather have dental work done than wait for a store to open! Of course, he will bring a book to read if he has to wait for me or listen to talk radio (gag!)


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