Monday, September 3, 2012

Normal Picture Hanging

Mandy recently posted about her second giant picture.  She used seven pictures and about fifteen paragraphs to describe the assembly process. Then she used one picture and nine words to describe the hanging process. Fairly normal request, right? Just hang it on the wall.

Actually, it was pretty "normal," as far as our picture-hanging goes:

  1. Hardware:  three attempts at hook/nail combinations to get a sturdy-enough solution. Normal.
  2. Elevation: I used the china cabinet as a ladder. That's completely normal.
  3. Leveling: tried to get it level. It measures right, but it's not quite perpendicular to the floor, like it's...not normal. (that's only funny to geeks like me, because normal means normal)

And little eye-candy for your for your Labor Day viewing pleasure. That's one nice hutch.

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  1. Hmmm...I think about it...not sure it floats my boat.

  2. Every single piece of art in my apartment is hung up with thumb tacks, and I have some stretched canvases that are pretty large. How's that for not normal.

  3. I have a screen door hanging by some half-inch wire nails in my apartment. Probably not normal.

  4. I never measure before I hang anything. I prefer to make a couple holes than waste my brain cells doing the math.

  5. I thought pictures were hung based on the pattern on the wallpaper. No measuring or levelling required. Your wallpaper looks *perfect* for this method!

    Oh and thanks for the lovely view of the - em - hutch. :oD


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