Friday, September 28, 2012

Instagram Friday - Icing

I cleaned out the fridge the other day and found nine containers with frosting in various colors and stages of fermentation because, really, how much frosting do you need? And Mandy will just make more the next time she needs frosting because she'll need a specific color.

The day after they were disposed of, Mandy need any random frosting, and had make some fresh. Figures.

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  1. I'm just impressed you cleaned out the refrigerator!

  2. Was the frosting in the fridge or freezer? I always have some maybe 3-5 bits in the freezer...

  3. What does fermented icing taste like? You could blog about that as the newest thing! (I don't think that's green sanding sugar...)

  4. you guys need to eat more graham crackers with icing! (i currently have 3 tubs of icing in my fridge)

  5. I'm not even sure what to say about that. Was she saving them for an emergency icing? Does that make you the icing police? I would love to know how many plastic containers you own if you could have 8 in the refrigerator just with icing in them. Might make an interesting blog post. Surrounded by Plastic or My Life in Plastic Containers. LOL. I have to stop reading your blog late at night when I'm overtired and my mind babbles.

  6. I am a first time reader of your blog, and I must say that every post I have read has cracked me up! If my dad was as technology savvy as you are, he would definitely be saying the same things about my mom; especially with the trip to JoAnn Fabric and this blog post about the frosting.

    My mom also makes her frosting, as your wife Mandy does, and never completely uses it all. Therefore, no matter what color my mom makes it, the frosting stays in the fridge and she purposely bakes things she can use the frosting for - even if that means giving it to other people!

    Thank you for sharing all of your funny insights on the world of a blogger blogging about his wife blogging!

  7. I need to clean out my refrigerator as well, un necessary frosting and big buckets:/

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