Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Features: Man Up Link Up VI

Happy Halloween! Wait, am I early, or have I been reading too many craft blogs? My favorite part about Halloween is decorating for it in September. Did you know approximately 87% of craft bloggers start decorating for Halloween in September, compared to only 17% of the general population?

Thanks for all the link ups. This week only 26% of links were dedicated to Halloween. Who thinks that number will rise next week? And what’s the over/under for percentage of Halloween links the link up before the big day? Assuming, of course, that we continue Man Up Link Up as a weekly ordeal. This link party started off as a bit of a joke/experiment and I wasn’t sure how long to let it run. I honestly like seeing what you all are up to, but I’m just not sure if it’s best kept as a weekly show. So let me know you’re thoughts by voting in the poll in the right sidebar.

Now on to the featured links! I really felt a kinship with a couple of these posts...

You all know the my feelings on wreaths. However, this is by kind of wreath. In craft blog language, I would say, “Best. Wreath. Ever.” Can I get a version without the bow that says “Man Wreath”?

Anytime you post a picture of your man crafting, you have a 50% shot of being featured, even if 89% of statistics on this blog are made up on the spot. I have to hand it to him, though…Preston makes a mean…what is that anyways?

Gluing magnets to spiders. This should be called a project, not a craft. Man approved.

I had never heard of a pillow sham, but I can agree that I’m happier when BBQ-ing. All I can say is, “Sham WOW!”

This is the most socially responsible craft that has linked up to date. Some sweatshirts should not be worn by adults. Check your closet. If you have a sweatshirt with horse heads or roses, please, help yourself by doing this craft. Your man and your kid will thank you.

If you were featured, pick the button you deserve. You know which one you are.




  1. decorating for Halloween in September isn't normal??

  2. Ok loving the made up numbers. Its scary because I thought that right before you wrote it. I vote for the spiders. I love she scared Maddie and was planning on getting the buffoons at work. I told her she rocks!

    1. Lol I thought they were real. I was like "man they have stats for everything"

  3. Thanks for the feature once again Trevor! I know no man can actually resist bbq! Including my brother!


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