Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Linked Up Features

Thanks for manning up and linking up. There was a good mixture of man crafts, slow pitches and plain ole craftiness in today's party. Honestly, for a second I thought I was loosing my edge when I commented to Mandy that there were some pretty cool crafts on here. I had planned on only featuring a few but couldn't stop. It was a case of too many links, not enough time. Click the picture to visit the featured post.

TOMS I really think this how-to is socially irresponsible. I mean, buy one give one, right? If you’re fixing your TOMS, you’re not buying another pair, and another kid is going shoeless. The fact that this was the most clicked link shows how heartless you all are. On a related note, can men wear TOMS? What do you think? They do in their very convincing mailer, but I'm not so sure. And, has anyone worn soleRebels?
Rose frame

Did Mandy call you and give you suggestions? I mean, paper flowers and an empty frame?

Pallets. Enough said. I'll bet you get a sliver pulling your Paparazzi necklaces off this thing.
Pallet headboard
Speaking of pallets and slivers, how about a pallet headboard? I don’t know about you all, but I’m thinking a pallet headboard would lead to some inopportune slivers at inopportune times.

Then I clicked on the link. Holy mackerel, do I want a planer.
Peg clothes hanger
You can always tell a rookie linker-upper when they use their name as their post title. Must be a man. Yep. Any craft that involves the purchase of a new power tool is a winner in my book. I hope Mandy asks me to make this so I can buy a lathe with her blog funds.
crafting vs reality
Two reasons I picked this one. First, I’m a sucker for Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” sayings. Second, I’ve seen the face of that poor guy somewhere before…oh yeah, it was in the mirror last time Mandy asked me to help her stencil something.
house on fire

There’s just something special about destroying a gingerbread house.
The world would be a better, safer place if more men wore mustaches. Think of the three sexiest guys you know. Yep, him, him and him. All mustache guys.

By the way, I can't stop saying this quote. I think I'm driving Mandy crazy. "I mustache you a question..."
office trailer

Three reasons why I want to live in the country:
1. Man
2. Cave
3. Trailer
hex quilt

All I can say is, "Hmmm". 
mother in law

How could I not click on a chicken? Turns out, this blog has one killer paisley theme.

If you were featured, pick the button you deserve. You know which one you are.




  1. I can get you some pallets, but you have to lift them yourself! And bring me a DDP with extra vanilla!

  2. thanks for the shout out. my husband will appreciate the sympathy.

  3. Okay, not only do I totally love this but your quote about the forest, hilarity all the way!

  4. Ummmm.... can I just say that men with mustaches freak me out? Seriously... other facial hair is fine, but a straight up mustache, I can't handle... Sorry dude! HAHA

  5. Perfect, hahahaha. And in answer to your question - the answer is yes, you are still wrong! :)

  6. Love it! A nice collection of praise and questioning our sanity! :)

  7. You can do a post about manning up toms! Cover them in wood shavings or metal scraps, I'd pin that!

  8. Burning the gingerbread house is what keeps my fireplace wood burning instead of going gas logs!

  9. This was the PERFECT man vs craft blogger (or is that man loves craft blogger?) link-up! Anything that features a burning gingerbread house gets kudos in my book. I must say it has never occurred to me to burn up a gingerbread house. We usually just toss it in the yard/food waste barrel, but hey, now I'll have to re-contemplate our gingerbread disposal methods. I'm do wonder if I do it, if it will become fodder for my three-year-old's future therapy sessions...

  10. Thanks for the feature! I will proudly display my, errr my hubby's button on my blog. And, yes, you want a planer! Just think of all that FREE wood you, I mean Mandy, could do something with. lol!

  11. The roof! The roof! The roof is on FIRE!!! Hey man.. you throw a great party!

  12. I love your buttons. Makes me want to link something up just so i can get one.

  13. Hey! Your wife put that paisley on my blog (you know I don't know how to set up the blog or anything to do with it). BTW She needs to move a mocked button to my blog.

  14. Every time I link I will have to think about which button I want...

  15. My husband and I are both glad you like his new office! Plus if he makes fun of my crafts he can sleep out there :)

  16. Oh man! I missed the party and the chance to be mocked! BOO! :(

  17. Loved the pallet headboard comments... sooooo true... uh, not that I would know....

  18. I was very excited when I discovered SoleRebels a few months ago. I've worn TOMS for several years now and while it's nice that they give One for One, I'm torn between supporting locals and giving away a pair of shoes. I spent a year volunteering in Ethiopia, though, and my heart is still perhaps my next pair of shoes will be from SoleRebels. Let me know if you hear any reviews on SoleRebels shoes!

  19. So you are lost for words too... All you could say was "hmmm"... Thanks for the shout out though! :)
    Cheers from India...


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