Saturday, June 16, 2012


Mandy loves pallets.  I don't.

Man thought process: Pallets are for moving things around.  They take up a lot of space and give you splitters.  When past their useful life, they make a great bonfire.

Woman thought process:  Pallets are super cute! They should be repurposed! Please, save all your pallets and bring then to me.  I'll love them and store them in my husband's garage.

Pallets are made from cheap wood.  I'm not sure why or how the pallet craze started, but I know who to blame.


Pallet craft pinterest blog posts


  1. PALLETS i am so glad someone has brought up this sort of topic about them because i know they are not all safe and i need to know how one determines which is which????????????????//

  2. I agree with you. Unless they can be used whole in the form they are already in, why would you want to tear them apart to use them for some of these projects. Headboards? Not the best place for boards that are rough cut in my opinion... Why pull all the cheap slats apart (and how many come apart without shattering in the first place) only to nail them closer together to make a sign...

  3. I hear tearing them apart is a nightmare on top of everything else....

  4. ha, ha! I just posted something about pallets so my husband would know why I had hi pick up a bunch off the side of the road...

  5. hmmm I like the projects made with pallets but I think I agree here - also I may have already filled the garage with "future project ideas" or as my husband calls it, the junk other people threw away.


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