Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's a project, not a craft...

Mandy was at "Wanda's Works" tonight, a monthly ritual where all the ladies in her mother's side of the family get together to do something crafty.  I had the kids to myself for our weekly family night.  Perfect time for a non-mom-sanctioned, non-documented man project (not a craft).  Nothing tells your kids "I love you" like a weapon.

Our oldest has been trying to make a bow and arrow for a while now.  He's been picking some sticks out the yard and tying yarn around them. They usually break after the first good tug by one of his younger siblings, prompting opportunities for me to remind him to talk nice.

So with Mandy out of the house I figured it was a good time to once again prove who's the coolest parent.  Loaded the kids up in the mini-van and off to Lowe's.  Moments later we walked out with two pieces of 10ft 1/2 inch gray plastic conduit. Kuddos to Soren for the materials tip.  As we were leaving the store I noticed that they have a box of twine next to the door so that you can tie things to the top of your car.  I unraveled about 20 ft of twine, whipped out the trusty pocket knife, and had the strings.  For a grand total of $2.12 we had the makings for six bona-fide bows. 

The neighbor boys were luck enough to wander over while we were making them and fortunately we had enough for two more.  I wadded up a ball of duct tape and taped it to the end of the arrows to reduce the likelihood of impalement.  Once it's dark, we'll try adding cotton balls to the tips, soaking them in rubbing alcohol, and lighting them on fire.  Unless mom gets home first.

And no, I didn't take any how-to pictures.  Mandy asked the same thing.


  1. hahahaha - I love this. Weapons and fire - can't get any better for kids. I bet the neighbor kids and yours were thrilled.

  2. Wow...you know all Mandy has to do is bake them some cookies and she's on top again....right? Seriously though, fun project!

  3. That's is so awesome! And I LOVE the blog. Thanks for a good laugh!

  4. Haha!! Yep, coolest parent award for sure! :) At least this week... haha

  5. Yup, coolest parent award! I remember making these with my brothers when we were kids. We made one with a 20# draw and managed to get some real arrows for it too!

  6. Awesome!! My kids would love these. Maybe Mark can whip up a couple...

  7. I love that it's a "project" and not a craft ... My hubby will love that! And I'm sure my boys will love these ... too cool!

  8. Okay, I am totally passing this on to my husband for two reasons. (1) He loves doing projects with our kids. The current "project" is a marble machine, which is sitting next to my sewing machine. The last "project" was a prehistoric diaroma complete with plaster of paris rocks that were mixed up in my antique mixing bowls. (2) Every time I read one of your posts, I hear his voice in my head saying, "Exactly!" :) Thanks for sharing.

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