Thursday, July 12, 2012

Young Sprout

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When we walked through our house for first time before we bought it, I made the comment "there's no man in this house, but there is a couple." Turns out I was right; when we closed on the property there were two women's names on the deed. Not to cast too many stereotypes, but let's just say it was lacking of masculine influence in terms of decor. Don't start thinking that I hold too much decorating influence in our household (nor do I want to) but I do hold veto power and use it from time to time just to keep things balanced.

Our kitchen was no exception. Teal Formica countertop. Pink and teal floral AND striped wallpaper. Gold hardware. Part of the problem was that it was vintage 1990's. At any rate we could only put up with it for a couple of years before deciding to remodel it. When we finally started the remodel, it ended up taking forever.

First, out with the wallpaper and in walls. More specifically, "Young Sprout Green" walls. What color, might you ask, is "Young Sprout?" Think of a lime mating with split pea soup; their offspring would be "Young Sprout." I had never heard of or seen young sprout until I came home from a 2-week business trip to Germany and found it painted in our dining room. Mandy said she was just being proactive and painted while I was gone. My theory is that she knew I'd never sign up for "Young Sprout", so she hurried and did it while I was out. She claimed we talked about green before she painted; she may be right, but "Young Sprout Green" isn't your average green.  However, she also peeled all of the wallpaper on her own. I'm going to let you in on a secret:  men will agree to just about ANY color if it means we don't have to peel wallpaper.


  1. I've always thought of Brussell's Sprouts as Young Cabbage. Maybe a bowl of them would complement your walls.

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