Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mr. Who?

Mandy was pretty thrilled when I started this blog. I'm sure most of you found out about it through her one way or another, and I'm good with that. I mean, the whole point of this blog is the fact that I'm married to a craft blogger. I appreciate the links and call outs on facebook that she does to send people my way.


Have you seen her social buttons at the top of her blog? Check out the yellow and turquoise dot to the far right. Yep. You read it right. Mr. Sugar Bee. That's me. I clicked on it just to be sure it wasn't linking here.

All's fair in love and blogging. And of course, since Mandy's blog lives and breathes based off the traffic I send her, I decided to return the favor with a button to her blog. Check out my link to her blog at the right. Yep. Mrs. So I Married a Craft Blogger. Do me a favor and pop on over to site and leave a comment and call her "Mrs. So I Married a Craft Blogger." Just to remind her who wears the pants in this relationship. [No purse comments]

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  1. LOL You are a mess. but I Love that you guys have this fun bantering. I think it actually increases both your traffic. Love it and hope it doesn't cause any issues behind the scenes. :-)

  2. Loving the shades and stach on Mandy. I winced when I saw that button go up too. :)

  3. You guys are the best! So fun!!!

  4. HA! Yes, I'm here because of your wife, but I followed because you are just too darn hilarious!

  5. This is too funny! More husbands should start up blogs so you can all ban together. :) Mine can definitely relate.

  6. Hahaha yep here because of mandy but i loved the way you get "mad" and put mustach and glasses... So manly hahaha made me laugh!! :)


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