Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Keep Your Guy's Hands Off

Face it. Guys are tactile creatures. Touchy-feely, you might say. From a guy’s perspective, it’s our way of expressing interest, attraction, and admiration.

Well, Mandy finally had enough. She wanted me to keep my hands to myself. Subtle hints didn’t work. She needed a more direct way of saying: Hands Off.

Hence, the new strap. You might have seen it on her blog today. It’s not a cover, but a full-on, made-from-scratch strap. It has huge, voluptuous teal fabric flowers on it. And polka dots. It’s a really great way of saying: “Man hands, this is not your territory.”

I get it. It’s her DSLR. If I’m good, and in the right context, I can use it. In the mean time, I’ll just admire it from a distance. I have my own camera. On my phone.


  1. Kind of like a guy putting duct tape on stuff so we won't love it, huh?

  2. I just read this out loud to my husband and said, "see? He gets it!"

    Awesome post :)

  3. hahahaha!!! This is soo TRUE!! Although I DID buy a Vera Bradley (VERY FEMININE) ipad case for MY ipad and somehow... He not only has it, but has bought a leather case for HIM! What the??? lol

  4. But ... the flowers match your man-bag so well. ;o)

  5. LOL - oh you mean the camera right? I didn't even see that at first - thought it was a pretty new belt!

  6. My camera has a coral strap with multicoloured flowers on it. It hasn't stopped my husband from sporting it around his neck at times. I think it shows how confident he is that it doesn't bother him... or maybe he just has never paid attention.


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