Friday, June 28, 2013

Ode to Wallpaper

I have a few craft pet peeves...straight pins left in the decor left up year round...unfinished projects taking up garage space...bloggers who only post once a week...excessive use of the dot-dot-dot so-called-punctuation...

I also have a few home project pet peeves, and one of them is peeling wallpaper. Last weekend we decided to finally start our master bathroom remodel. To keep our bathroomlessness to a minimum, I planned on the following schedule:

  • Friday - pull up carpet, pull out toilet and lay tile
  • Saturday - grout
  • Monday - seal grout and replace toilet

Unfortunately, here's how it worked out:

  • Friday - pulled up carpet, pulled out toilet, broke tile saw, bought new (awesome) tile saw, laid tile at midnight
  • Saturday - went to drive-in movie because mortar wasn't try enough to grout
  • Monday - came home ready to grout but found wallpaper everywhere. Cleaned up wallpaper. Grouted.
  • Tuesday - came home ready to seal grout but found wallpaper everywhere. Became lazy.
  • Wednesday - came home ready to seal grout but found more wallpaper everywhere. Stayed lazy.
  • Thursday - came home ready to seal grout but found even more wallpaper even more everywhere.

As for Friday, I'll definitely seal the grout one way or another. I have no evening plans and I think I've dropped enough hints that perhaps the wallpaper strips will be picked up. Or maybe I'll get the hint and pick up the wallpaper strips myself, because it's easier to pick up wallpaper strips than it is to peel them off the wall.

Maybe the title of this post should have been "Ode to the Wallpaper-Peeling Mandy".

P.S. the floor steam mop doesn't really help steam off wallpaper, but it was a worthy attempt.

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