Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SNAP! Recap

Mandy's been at SNAP! this week and left me running the show here at home base.

As I know she'll be providing a detailed play-by-play of her experience at the conference, I thought I'd share my SNAP! experience.

  • Drop 4-year-old off at friend's house for the day, girls to neighbor's to wait for the bus.
  • Drop 10-year-old at Student Council in the morning.
  • Bring home bacon.
  • Rush home, pick up kids, head to football team pictures.
  • Dinner: Domino's.
  • Kids to bed on time. 
  • Blog posts: 0
  • Send the bid kids to the neighbor's to wait for the bus.
  • Drop 4-year-old off at another friend's house for the day.
  • Fetch pork to abode.
  • Three older kids go to Family Fun Night at the school.
  • Youngest kid goes with me to Walmart and Taco Bell.
  • Kids to bed on time. I catch up on work emails for 3 hours.
  • Social media interactions: 0
  • Healthy breakfast of strawberry shortcake. 
  • Supervised the cheerful cleaning of the house, including bathrooms.
  • Took the 6-year-old to soccer practice. Was only 7 minutes late.
  • Picked up 6-year-old from soccer. Was the last parent there. Classic.
  • Took the 10-year-old to flag football games.
  • Coached two flag football games. Last games of the season. 
  • Came home and changed the oil in the van.
  • Mowed the lawn, until I ran out of gas.
  • Dinner: Texas Roadhouse, using "kids eat free" coupons that the kids got for reading.
  • Got gas.
  • Finished mowing the lawn.
  • Laundry loads:  3. 
  • Diswasher loads: 3.
  • Crafts:  0. 

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  1. ha! my husband's list would have said: kept the kids alive--check. and that's all. it would have been a free for all at my abode.

  2. Not posting the "Welcome Home - Security Detail" pic?

  3. I'm impressed! The kids ate pretty well, made it to all their activities! I say well done dad!!!

    Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  4. You had twice my kid count, one less wife, and still managed to accomplish three times more than I did.

  5. Well done! They were feed and still alive when your wife got home. Gold star goes to you for doing all you did.


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