Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife

Springs here. It's a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It's also time suggest more ways to annoy your craft blogging wife.

  1. Change the link in her email signature so that it redirects to your blog.
  2. Peel the "NO" off the "NO SOLICITING" vinyl sign that she cut out with her cameo.
  3. Bring your wife to Target and show her how she could just buy all the things she wants to make, saving valuable money and time away from the TV. Hubby Jack
  4. Hack into her blog and change all of the homophones to their counterparts (they're to their, too to two, etc).
  5. Every time she stops the current project she is working on, move it to a new spot. Then swear you have no idea where it is. Demented Seamstress
  6. Sign up and attend SNAP without her knowing it. Act surprised when you see her there. [Speaking of SNAP, what does it stand for? Usually when a word is written in all caps it is an acronym. What do you think it stands for?] 
  7. Move her glue gun to a location in your garage such that it would only be seen by her when she's returning the cordless drill to it's proper location. She'll never find it.
  8. Sprinkle her cinnamon roll glaze with sawdust from your drill.
  9. Watch her while she's typing an important email and say, "humph", then go on about your business.
  10. Comment on still-present New Years decor on your blog in a March post (and see the decor disappear the next day).

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  1. Simply brilliant! And they'd all be perfect for next week's April Fool's Day, too!

  2. hmmm... a quick google of SNAP came up with nutrition assistance programs, a support group for those abused by priests, and a German dance group... my brain may never be the same.

  3. Are you kin to my husband??? #9 is my husband for sure!

  4. Yep, yep... each of these would be equally annoying... Except for maybe the SNAP one. That would be annoying and crazy expensive! haha

  5. Your blog is cracking me up! Totally going in my blog reader. Thanks!

  6. I stumbled upon this blog after stumbling upon your wife's blog after stumbling upon your wifes comments on Becky's blog. Excellent idea for a blog. I'm dying laughing over here. I'd die if my husband went to SNAP since I got waitlisted and never got tickets.

  7. Read these to the hubby. He loves #7. I never return his tools!


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