Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Like Capris, for Your Arms

Mandy made our boy a cool shirt a few months ago, and I asked her if he'd make one for me. I didn't specify exactly how it should look; I figured she'd make one similar to his.

A few months later, Mandy sent me a flirty text at work, "I have a surprise for you when you come home." I was pretty excited, and figured that my assistance with her blog was finally paying off.

  1. I was surprised that my surprise was a shirt. Not that a new shirt is a bad surprise, it's just not the surprise I had led myself to believe was in store for me that evening. 
  2. I was surprised that it had a mathematical symbol on it. I figured it was Mandy's respectful nod at my technical education. Turns out it was made so Mandy could do a 3/14 "Pi Day" post.
  3. I was surprised that the sleeves were a bit short. At first I thought it was defective, but Mandy assured me that it's an actual cut. Something about being a "baseball" shirt. I think it's just capris, for your arms, for men.

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  1. Just wear it with a pair of high water pants and no one will even notice.

    1. this man is the only person with the sense of humor to try the combo of high water pants AND shirt.

  2. Bahahaha 'capris, for your arms, for men' - Brilliant! Hahahah


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