Monday, February 11, 2013

Man Up Link Up XI

Welcome to another edition of Man Up Link Up! Some of you might has stopped by last week to link up - we usually do this on the first Tuesday of the month - but I was a little [Kevin] spacey last week. Ah well, better a week late than never. Besides, I figure I just gave you an extra week to come up with something to link up.

Be advised that this is not your typical link party. Rather, I will review your crafts through the clouded, uncouth lens of testosterone. I may not get it, and I may state as much.

So Man Up. Link Up.

If you're brave or just happen to have a lot of white space on your blog, grab the button below.



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  1. A little Kevin LOL, haven't heard that one.

  2. My post I linked is a little different, but I thought you would appreciate it.

  3. Your link party actually inspired me to put a "for men" category on my cake blog. Cakes to come include bumble bee, captain america and the death star. Bob the builder is awesome cool though too for boys and men.

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