Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Mandy's been working on our master bedroom for a while now (18 months). Stencil on the wall. New side tables. Refinished dressers. Handmade curtains. New pillows. And pillows. And pillows. 

Did I mention she made pillows?

And more to come. Real conversation before writing this post:

Me: Do you have finished picture of our master bed with all the pillows on it?
Mandy: Not yet. I still need to make two more pillows.

If you're like me, you're a little awestruck and have some questions about this pillow phenomenon.

Q: How many pillows are on your bed, Trevor?
A: 10. Four of them are hidden in this picture.

Q: Do you really make the bed each day?
A: Actually, yes. It takes about one minute each day to make and one minute each night to take down. That's two minutes per day. Fourteen minutes per week. Twelve hours per year that I can't get back, wasted on pillows. Essentially, the time I should be watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on 60 inch TV stands I'm spending arranging pillows each year. (Mandy would probably say spending twelve hours watching Lord of the Rings is twelve hours she can't get back)

Q: Do you use all of these pillows?
A: Certainly not all at once. I prefer to rotate them and use a different one each night. If Mandy had her way, we'd have enough pillows to use a new one each day for a month.

Q: Where do the pillows end up each night?
A: Each night I build a little mountain of pillows next to the bed. Soon it will be a big mountain.

Will the madness never end?

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  1. I with you. I don't really get the pillow thing. Our bed has two - one for me and one for my husband. Someday I'd like to have 4 but that might be too crazy of a dream.

  2. ahahaha, ever seen Along Came Polly ? Funny movie with jennifer aniston and ben stiller. So funny. He has a lot of pillows and Polly convinces him they are a waste of time. Youtube that clip.

  3. My hubby has a six pillow rule! He even stated it before we married haha!

  4. Lol!! I have some cool pillows I got in swap but I'm too lazy and they usually stay in the little mt on the floor.

  5. I'm way behind, but I just had to say - 12 hours watching Lord of the Rings is some well spent time if you ask me!


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