Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Features - Man Up Link Up X

The first Man Up Link Up of the year was yet another example of why I should listen to my wife. I added the following tidbit to the link party instructions:

Special Rules THIS WEEK ONLY: Feel free to pick your best 2012 post and link up. If you have two that you're torn between, link them both.

Mandy thought that it sounded like I wanted your "best 2012" post, as in "best of" post. I disagreed and thought it was quite clear that I was just suggesting that you should link your best (favorite, #1, most awesome, etc) post. Seems I caused a little confusion. At any rate, I'm not a stickler for rules, so thanks for linking up either way.

Now on to the featured links!

It's a happy day in blog-land when coloring an XBOX controller black with a marker is considered a craft. Sign me up.

Mandy really wants to do a penny tile project. I blame Pinterest. And now Ashley. At my current blog monetization rate, I should have enough ad revenue saved up by 2019 for this many pennies.


I'm really hoping that Mandy does this one. I put my engineer hat on and organized the fridge, grouping items by category and placing the most used items in the easiest to access spaces. But for some reason Mandy doesn't get it, and we end up with yogurt next to the eggs, ENTIRELY out of the dairy zone. Mandy's response: "don't eggs go in the dairy zone?" She also thinks corn is a vegetable.

I'm no expert on quilting, but have to give a hats off to this monochrome masterpiece.

On a side note,Shruti has a killer LEGO sewing machine

If you were featured, pick the button you deserve. You know which one you are.




  1. I definitely *didn't* think about a "best of 2012" post when you first wrote about the link up!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my fridge labels post. Since putting them in a month or so ago, it has been MUCH more organized. Let me know if Mandy gives it a try; I'd love to see if it helps you guys out as much as it helped our family.

  3. Dnag thought you'd go for the me sitting on Santas lap picture. Oh well. I still dont know what you wanted.


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