Monday, January 7, 2013

Best of 2012

I know January 7th may be a little late for a 2012 recap post, but since I've been on bona fide blogging break, I figured better late than never. It's good to be back. First, a couple observations on your 2012 best-of posts.

  • Somehow I made Mandy's 2012 listing with my Tips for a FAST Pinewood Derby Car, which was my first blog post, done before I started here. Mandy told me it was a big deal to make her list. I was honored to come in at number 11, until I saw that number 10 was for her No Sew Cardigan Refasion, a post about cutting a shirt down the middle and calling it a cardigan. Now that's crafty.
  • Absent from your best-of posts are all the fabulous sponsored posts and product review posts. Surely your thoughts on free vinyl and and Walgreens were as profound as your tutorials and upcycles.
  • What, no link parties made your lists? Don't worry, one made my list below.
So without futher adieu, here's my Best of 2012, with my thoughts in gray.

  • Nothing but a bunch of empty frames...  Since writing this post, three more empty frames have draped our walls, and three more dudes have walked in our house and stopped, stunned, asking, "What's with the empty frames?"
  • I [heart] Link Parties  I [heart] drama. 
  • Truncated Posts  I'm still a little mystified that a few folks still don't agree with my stance on truncating posts. I'm even more mystified that a few folks still think I have a stance on truncating posts.
  • Holes in the wall  We've had lots of holes in the wall this year. I've almost grown immune to the twinge of future pain and annoyance that strikes every time I drill a new hole and know that I will have to patch it in 18 months when we redecorate again.
  • Top Ten: Ways to Annoy Your Craft Blogging Wife  I excel at this skill, so it's no surprise it made the list for 2012.
  • WTHIWW  Best. Outfit. Ever.

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  1. Just for you to know, I took a screenshot of today's advert to the right of this post...I'll put it on your facebook wall. I'm not sure whether to be amused or upset!!

    p.s. great round up :)

  2. I dont get the empyy frame thing either. I rather see family friends or a vintage quilt block. BTW ever heard of Command hooks?


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