Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Social {media} Blunders 2012

As we reach the close of 2012, it's time we reflect and take stock of what's happened this past year. Today I'd like to review the biggest blunders in the social media world.

12. Instagram #jan16
11. Instagram #jan16
10. Instagram #jan16
9.  Instagram #jan16
8.  Instagram #jan16
7.  Instagram #jan16
6.  Instagram #jan16
5.  Instagram #jan16
4.  Instagram #jan16
3.  Instagram #jan16
2.  So I Married a Craft Blogger features wife's blog's link ups.
1.  Instagram #jan16

Thanks for bailing me out, Instagram.

Don't worry. I think they changed their minds.

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  1. The instagram thing could have been a marketing ploy. Make these ridiculous changes. People are outraged. Everyone talks about it. They do damage control. More people now know what Instagram is.

    Or it could have been a huge bonehead move on their part.

    Incidentally, still loved that first review the best! But Im evil, a little bit.

  2. Definitely happy they responded immediately to the outcry!


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