Friday, December 21, 2012

Instagram Friday: It's All About the Delivery

Holiday treat delivery:

Craft Blogger Style - little bags filled with homemade goodies and a Photoshopped Christmas card tied on with a shiny twisty-tie.

Man Style - real military ammo can filled with hot chocolate. Powdered hot chocolate, of course. We delivered a few of these tonight. The red ribbon was my idea.

Which would you rather have show up on your doorstep?

Which would your man prefer?

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  1. I think I would prefer the ammo canister, it has a lot of possibilities for a new use. And I love hot chocolate. Did you include a spoon so they could dig right on in?

  2. I like the man version too....however it could get kind of expensive if you made them in the volume that Craft Blogger did.

  3. Hot Chocolate! I love holiday treats but then I am always left with guilt when I am throwing away the Christmas cards that we have been given. How long is it good manners to keep a Christmas card, I wish people would give an expiration date on how long you have to keep their snapshots up in your house.

  4. Hot Chocolate in an ammo can! Great idea!! Mark's wishing we still lived by you. :o)


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