Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Miracle

Just when...'ve about had it with the busyness of shopping...'ve left the Elf in the same place for two days in a row...'ve rationalized to yourself that dipping Oreo's in chocolate counts as baking...'ve realized that you forgot that you have to make six dozen cookies for your church's Christmas party later that night...

Just when you've about had it, you see something that could only happen due to a Christmas Miracle.

Ours happened today.

Abby's stocking was finished. Only six years in the making.

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  1. So I started my craft blog to motivate me to do something for myself, but also to motivate me to finish half-done crafts. Apparently, only one thing will motivate you to finish projects than having a blog...
    ...your husband mocking your lack of progress on his own blog.

  2. You just jinxed yourself when I finished all of ours number 5 came!

  3. 6 years = awesome stocking! I'm kinda jealous :) And I totally did non-baking baking for my cookie exchange this year. Best. Decision. Ever.


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